Marshy & the Slay Belles: Beauty Class


Everyone, meet Marshalle, she's an extremely talented MUA who over the last few weeks has created a huge buzz in the make-up world. Last month, she hosted "Marshy & the Slay Belles", an interactive makeup class showing us Slay Belles how to transform our look from day-to-night! She gave her beautiful live model Natè a BEAT that went from dinner with the parents, to dancing the night away. 



Eyes: On Natè, Marshy used  the Warm Nuetral  eye shadow pallette from MAC Cosmetics. For this daytime look, use one shadow on your crease, another complimentary color on your lid and blend. Daytime looks shouldn't take very long. For definition, find the natural crease in your eyelid and apply your brush in a windshield wipe motion. With whatever look you want to create, you should know your brushes are your best friend. Good brushes, good makeup! Marshy says Sigma, and Sonia Kashuk  are good brands to start with. Replacing those ELF brushes all the time adds up honey! Investing in your brushes can save you time and money.

Tip: Work on your eyes first, because if there are any eye makeup fly-aways, it wont ruin your skin makeup.. Skin is only first if it's the focus! Eyes are the more challenging part of applying makeup. Once you've finished this part, you're almost done!

Skin: Always use primer! Primer should be applied after moisturizer and before foundation application. Primer protects skin, acting as a barrier to keep foundation from clogging your pores. It also helps your foundation stay in tact longer which means no streaks and no melting! Marshy recommends that her Slay Belles use Make Up For Ever Skin Equalizer Primer. This product caters to multiple skin types. Dont know your skin type? Your skin type is however your face feels after thoroughly washing your face. 30 minutes after washing, is your skin noticeably dry, oily, or in between?



If you've got dark marks and circles, be sure to color correct! Color correcting brings out undertones of the skin and neutralizes, or balances out the colors of your face.. Yellow/Salmon works excellent for under eye circles. Orange works well for dark areas around the mouth or other blemishes, purple cancels yellows, red cancels greens. Color correcting saves you time because concealer only goes so far. Color correcting ensures you have that flawless face! 


Additional Tips:

1.Invest in a beauty blender! You can find them here! Spray your blender with setting spray and get to blending and setting!

2. You can use metallic eye shadows for a playful highlight! You can lightly apply your desired color around your brow and cheek bones. Dont forget to blend! Also, if you're running out of highlighter, you're using way too much babe!

3. To achieve a natural looking brow, use an eye shadow, pencil strokes tend to come off too harsh. An angle brush will do the trick!

4. Wash your brushes with Dr. Bronners Castile Soap to keep your tools squeaky clean and smelling great.

I think the best part of Marshy's Beauty class had nothing to do with makeup. Before we got started we sat with each other, and talked about the power we all possess. DJ Franchella introduced us to @GirlsNightOutNYC and her hopes to provide an environment where women can be a resource for others and most importantly - stay inspired. Many of us were meeting each other for the first time but talking about beauty led to talking about our confidence, (or should I say godfidence) and how we need to work everyday to make sure we keep it. We opened up to each other and we poured into each other. DJ Franchella's mother came out and gave us a Word of wisdom that help me start my year off the right way! She encouraged us to always keep God first, to open your heart to feel His love so you can live in freedom. Her words motivated us to tears. More people should feel the connection we shared with each other within their own circles and I'm happy Marshy made it available to us!


Be sure to follow Marshalle @bellisima81 to stay updated with all her upcoming Beauty Classes. More are coming soon! Special thanks to our live model Natè (@pronouncednatay), lovely slay belles Julia, Crystal, and Felecia, DJ Franchella (@djfranchella) for the good vibes, Aaron Alexander (@aaronalexander718) for supplying the delicious coquito, Alanzo Dale (@themreport) for taking our glam shots and YOU for reading and supporting us! 

See you later, Slay Belles!