Sexual Dinners with Michel Germain


Earlier this month I was invited by Erica Dias of The B Firm PR to attend a very sexual private dinner for Michel Germain's "Sexual Paris"c fragrance hosted by Adorned in Armor Founder + Teen Vogue Contributor Tarah-Lynn Saint-Elien! I dined at a fabulous table with 7 other amazing black women involved in industries of Production, Media, PR and Sales and we shared our stories with one another. Altsei Downtown, located in the heart of Soho became a safe place for women who walked in as strangers to leave connected with one another. 

In between our conversations about almost everything under the sun, Tarah-Lynn led us into a great Q&A with our lovely Michel Germain brand representative. Michel Germain was inspired by his wife to find a fragrance she could wear that made her feel like the "only woman in the world". As a woman who never wore a scent, Michel Germain worked 5 years to find the perfect scent that she would love. It's no coincidence that this 25 year old brand has been around for as long as they've been married. When it comes to fragrance, I think women have so many different methods to acheive the perfect scent, or how to keep fragrances lasting longer. Here's what we learned: 

When is the right time to apply your fragrance? 

You should apply your fragrance last. Fragrances can wear off when applied to the skin before your clothes. Place your fragrance where heat is generated the most: Behind the ears, insides of the wrist, and for some, behind the neck. 

How can fragrances last longer? 

The  best way for fragrances to last is to use a complete collection that includes shower gel, body lotion, and parfum. 

Which Michel Germain fragrances are best for the evening?

Michel Germain fragrances are best for anytime of day and transition well from day to night. Fragrances are like feelings, and who doesnt love to feel amazing all day?

Do you have a favorite?

I have no favorites, each fragrance is unique. The business oriented woman might prefer Michel Germain "Paris" but can also love Michel Germain "Sugar" for her first date with a new beau. 


Why do you love this brand? 

I love that Michel Germain features couples fragrances. Every fragrance for women has a complimentary fragrance for the man in her life. "Sexual Noir pour Homme" was created with similar afrodeciacs used to create Sexual Paris for women. In the climate of #womensempowerment, its great to have a brand that celebtrates the harmony between the sexes.  




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