Return of the Black: How to Rock the Perfect Noire Pout


Roses are red, I only speak facts, dont be afraid to wear your lips BLACK! Lipstick colors come a dime a dozen, with some favorites being red, purple or maybe a classic nude. I only wish black lips could get the same kind of love! Its difficult to come across a black lipcolor in the beauty aisle so I often had to create a black lip with black lipliner and a dark purple or burgundy. Thankfully Rihanna has blessed us with a deep matte black lip paint to join her $tunna Lip Paint collection by Fenty Beauty. Rihanna recently uploaded a tutorial for a look that featured her “Uninvited” black $tunna Lip Paint without using a liner and honestly speaking, she’s living life on the edge! The $tunna Lip Paint is a great product, however like most lip products, you will need a lip liner to help you achieve a flawless look. In the following video, I show you all how to accomplish a flawless black lip, with none of the worries!

  1. Apply your black lip liner along your lip line working your way toward the center.

  2. Apply one coat of “Unveiled” $tunna Lip Paint all over your lips. Wait for the lip paint to dry.

  3. Touch up any missed areas with your lip liner. Apply an additional coat at your own discretion. Wait for lip paint to dry.

  4. If necessary, clean up any errors with concealer and a pointed brush.

  5. SLAY!