Level Up!



When the Israelites left Egypt with their oppressors’ gold and silver in their hands, they believed God. When they walked through the Red Sea on dry land, they believed God. When the same Red Sea washed away their enemy, they believed God. But the moment God asked them to wait a moment before entering the Promise Land, they stopped believing in God + built a false idol to worship instead. So an 11 day trip lasted 40 YEARS cus God had to kill off the unbelieving generation. The end. 


God will wait for every unbelieving piece of you to expire before He takes you to that next level. He literally has all time in His hands. He can wait! With every test we go through we can either PASS or get LEFT BACK and don’t nobody wanna be left back - especially for 40 YEARS! But it happens when we waste time doubting God because things are “taking too long”. We Elevate when we eliminate that doubt by remembering all the fiftyleven thousand times He came through for us before. It’s testing season and it’s time to #levelUP! The choice is yours.