Adam and Eve

The Fall of Adam and Eve describes Eve eating the Forbidden fruit (we dont know if it was truly an apple) thus leading us to a life of sin and suffering as we know it. I’ve been taught that the person to blame was Eve because she ate the fruit first, then gave it to Adam for him to eat. However, the Bible didnt say God told Eve not to eat the fruit. The Bible says God told Adam, then He created Eve. She only had knowledge of it, but God never told her the way He told Adam.

The Lord God placed the man in the Garden of Eden to tend and watch over it.
— Genesis 2:15

Also, I dont think the Fall was caused by Adam and Eve eating the fruit. The Fall was caused by Adam not being a good partner. When Eve was eating the fruit, the Bible says Adam was right there with her! Adam let someone else get in between! He watched her be deceived by the serpent, ate some fruit himself, then tried to blame it all on Eve! What y’all think? The Fall might be a combination of doubting yourself the way Eve doubted God, but also not living up to what you were called to do. Adam was created first to oversee everything happening in the Garden of Eden. He only had ONE job and he didn’t do it. What do you guys think?

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