Macy's Celebrates Black History Month ft. Monica, Terrence J., & Journee Smolett Bell

Earlier this month Macy's hosted a panel discussion for Black History Month featuring actors Terrence J. and Journee Smollett Bell and Grammy winning recording artist Monica and I was in attendance! My best friend snagged two tickets for us and it was such an uplifting experience. Hosted by Essence magazine's Fashion Editor Joiee Thorpe they discussed Black Culture, entertainment and their influences. Brought to you by Macy's, we had an up close and personal moment with these amazing people and enjoyed a special reception with hors d'oeuvres, specialty cocktails provided by Cîroc Vodka, and live music. Check it out a few highlights below: 

They discussed inspirations and motivations and of course Terrence J. jokingly mentioned Drake, Future, Jay-Z. While Journee spoke of her mother, who had a natural birth for all of her 6 children, Monica spoke about being a mother. "I have 3 children and 2 that i call my bonus babies and between the 5 of them I'm always inspired because theres so many different ages ranging from 2 to 20. I'll always have them. When I find myself making a wrong turn I self assess and self-check because I know they're watching and I have to be an example."

It was really like they all took us to church. Many of their responses were genuine and heartfelt and the crowd received them exceptionally well. "Walk by faith and not by sight. So much more is possible within you if you know what that means." was Monica's response when the panel was asked "What mantra do you live by?" Actress Journee Smollett Bell told about a conversation between her and the legendary Quincy Jones that will stick with her forever "[Quincy Jones] once said to me 'You cant believe them when they tell you you're great, because you'll believe them when they tell you you're not." Terrence J. closed the question with a quote we've all heard before..with a twist. "Go hard or go home. Giving 99 is the same as giving 0. If you want to be successful, go hard and never take no for an answer."

Overall, it was a great time and I left inspired and ready to grab life by the horns. And what's even better, we got to take a picture! I am happy that I was able to get a peek into the perspectives of 3 different roles in the media industry and see how they remain grounded, true to themselves and true to their artistry. Look out for Journee's new show "Underground" which depicts the realities of the Underground Railroad coming this March. Terrence J.'s new project "The Perfect Catch" will be hitting theaters this coming March. And Monica's 8th studio album titled "Code Red" is in stores now. 





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