HNOW Vision Board Party!

This past weekend I hosted the first event brought to you by, a Vision Board Party. Many people were wondering what a vision board was, to be hosting an event for it. A Vision Board is a visual depiction of the goals and visions you have. People make vision boards when planning weddings, and baby showers but in this case we were making vision boards for our futures in 2016. It's very important to have goals for yourselves, but for many of us our visions stay in our mind and never come to life. When you create a vision board you turn seeing into believing. Vision boards keep you accountable for the expectations you have for yourself and allow you to take note of what's most important to you. 

There was music, great people and amazing energy.. After a little mingling it was time for a small discussion brought to you by yours truly. It was definitely an inspiring conversation, discussing the reasons why Visions are so important. During the conversation I highlighted the power and privilege we have as people.

We are the only human beings privileged to be able to change our futures. That makes us supernatural. Insects, birds, trees they live do what they do and their done. But we can wake up tomorrow and say I don’t want to be what I was before. That is power. That is privilege.
— Evelyn Jean-Francois

I also equipped everyone with a small acronym to help them along their journey of growth in 2016.

H - Healing. Often times when we make mistakes along our journeys we hold on to those feelings and they begin to settle in your consciousness. Please don't let this happen. Forgive yourself and take note of the lessons learned with your mistakes. Failure doesn't mean it's over. Failure is a sign that you're preparing yourself for a better you. Your future you will thank you for the lessons learned along your journey. 

N - Naivety. We must learn to be naive. Naivety is not always a bad thing. In being naive we make room for us to learn and ask for help. No one has ever advanced in life on their own. There will always be something you don't know. Find a mentor. Talk to someone who is where you aspire to be. People love to help to those who are open to receiving it. Humble yourself and seek knowledge and advice.

O - Opportunity. When opportunity knocks, know when to accept and decline. Assess the opportunity. Make sure it is on the same path as your vision. Opportunities are experience plus work. Make sure the work you put out is compatible with the experience you might encounter. After assessing, return to the Naivety, so that you can gain as much knowledge from the opportunity as possible. 

W - Wonder. Once those opportunities are available to you, and you've gained valuable experience, start wondering how you can elevate your self. The sky is cant be the limit when we have footprints on the moon! Dream big! 


Once we got started on our boards, heads were down, scissors were going, glues were gluing and blank canvases turned into manifested dreams. As more time passed I saw how much our vision boards represented who are. Those with colorful personalities, had even more colorful boards. Many people including myself made use of a lot of words. Words with which we want to identify ourselves by. A lot of "Queen" and "Happy & Healthy" were seen on many vision boards.

Overall one thing we knew for sure, was that we were not finished! The amount of work and effort put into our boards revealed how much work and effort will be required of us to accomplish our goals. It was an amazing experience to be able to have a glimpse of the futures that we want.

I want to thank EVERYONE who came to support and give a helping hand (literally!) at's Vision Board Party. Thank you DJ Dee for music, Nadege Fleurimond for the food, and Jaub Brooks for photography. Most importantly I want to thank God! Despite everything that might have stood in the way, the VISION was still brought to life! You all are some of the most loving, kind hearted individuals I've ever encountered and I'm excited to continue creating a platform for you all to be the best versions of yourselves! And with every vision planted, HNOW will help you grow and keep your visions in tact. Success is not a destination, success is a journey.  .

I hope to see more of you at the next event, stay tuned!

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