Leather by Pierre Jean Baptiste

Today's OOTD is dedicated to my really good friend Pierre Jean-Baptiste. If you're a ride or die HNOW follower, you remember my black motorcycle leather that I absolutely ADORED. Well, there comes a time in every leather's life when it grows from just another black leather, to your very own custom piece. In order to do that I asked Pierre to paint my leather jacket and honestly.... I never knew how much I was missing in life! Its such a statement piece! I get compliments everywhere I go! Pierre's painting style can be described as expressionism meets Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. I love it because his pieces are full of colors and symbols that leave room for much interpretation. I lovee to dig a little deeper in art!

Pierre blessed me with a "Fist of Power" piece on my jacket and I cannot get enough. My style is pretty minimalistic when it comes to graphics and colors, so I think my new leather will fit well in my wardrobe. My jacket is perfect! You can find more of Pierre's work here.

Thanks for reading!

Love, Evelyn