Poncho Love

You know when you're just not ready to let go of the Fall? So you do your best to make it work til Ol' Man Winter show's his merciless face? That's the look I was going for today. Today's fit features one of the best statement garments I own. A statement garment is an item in your closet that is immediately eye-catching and usually doesn't need much to turn into a complete outfit. I'm very pleased with this Poncho! What really caught my attention was the pattern. This comes as a surprise because I'm not very fond of prints or patterns but yet this baby won me over. It gives me a Mexican-Mayan-tribalesque kind of feel. I also love its material. It's a knitted wool which means its SUPER heavy. The heavy texture allowed me to go bare on the legs. When the wind blew I just let the poncho protect me! Ponchos are great for anyones closet because they are very easy to style. With your poncho you can wear: denim with booties, tailored pants and flats, or a pencil skirt with pumps. 1,2,3 fab! In my case I wore my poncho (Gap) with a white shirtdress (H&M) along with nude pointed-toe pumps (Steve Madden). I accessorized with a wool fedora (H&M) along with a matching leather tote (Michael Kors). I know this will probably be the last time I wear this for the season, but I still enjoyed it while I could.


Thanks for reading! 

Love, Evelyn