Less is More


It's not always easy to put a look together for church, so I love when my unplanned outfits come out great! I recently thrifted this tweed blazer for about 8 bucks, and I've had this skirt for about 5 years. (I'm a shameless clothing hoarder.) 


Outfit inspiration is everywhere! This look is a great example of less is more. When purchasing the blazer I planned to pair them with my new tan boots, but after trying it on over the weekend, all I saw was Hillary Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Hillary Banks and Aunt Viv were unarguably the best dressed characters on the show (Carlton comes close though!). They both share my body type and I always loved how attractive they looked while showing very little. I'm thankful I never threw away my mini skirt from Gap, because the blazer has subtle mint details in the tweed threading. WIN! 

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