HNOW x Cultur'd Collective!

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I'm so happy to announce that I've partnered with Cultur'd Collective to serve you a look that is #HNOWStyle approved! Cultur'd Collective is a newly launched online boutique for a "culture of women on the hunt for a curated selection of fashion and lifestyle finds." Their merch has been inspired by trends from all over the world. While attending their private press launch a few weeks ago, I saw a several pieces that caught my eye and couldn't be without.

Off-Shoulder Blouse with Cinched Detail

Off-Shoulder Blouse with Cinched Detail

Two pieces I especially loved were the Balloon Sleeve Cold Shoulder Top and the Off-Shoulder Blouse with Cinched Detail. I've fallen in love with my collarbones again and had been looking for ways to flaunt them so these choices were right up my alley. My wardrobe is mostly black and I wanted to try something new so I chose the mustard yellow top. It was a tough decision, but I'm really trying to stay committed to stepping out of my comfort zone when it comes to styling. You all know I love dark colors!


This top buttons up in the front and back, with beautiful ruffles on each sleeve giving major reasons for people to stop and stare. It was perfect during my travels in Cuba. Despite not being very busty, the v-neck shape still accentuated my neck and collarbones very nicely. When wearing this Cultur'd peice, I opted for a feminine classic look. One reason I loved this top is because the the silhouette requires great posture. You will not do this look justice hunched over. Walk with those shoulders back and your head held high, because you'll definitely feel like a woman in this number! Strut your stuff in a pencil skirt as pictured here, or a high waist tailored pant and you'll definitely turn heads! 

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Do you love this look? Grab this top before it sells out! (It's a best seller!) Use code "HNOW20" for 20% off your next purchase! Offer ends 11/19! Click here to start shopping! Happy styling! 

Best, Evelyn 

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