Falling in Love with Blue!

Other than denim, I try to stray away from blue. I never thought blue looked good on me. It's one of those colors that looks great paired with silver and other cool tones and because I hate the them both, you wont find much blue in my wardrobe. I never thought I'd kill a blue look until today! 

Today was my church's 40th anniversary celebration, and I wanted to spruce things up a bit. I was cutting it a little close wearing this cropped bell sleeve blouse (Zara, now on sale) to church. Thank God for high-waist skirts saving the day. The skirt met my blouse at the perfect place showing zero midriff which means zero side eyes from the elders! Voluminous clothing has been trending for several seasons now and I'm pleased with how I pulled this off. Worn with perspex strappy sandals and metallic blue sunnies, I think I'm ready to see where this relationship with blue will go! 

My wardrobe is filled with black and white, what about you guys? Whats your favorite style color?