Happy Birthday to Me!

When my birthday comes around, it's always big deal because I love birthdays! Your birthday, your moms birthday, Jesus' birthday - I love them all. The only luxury in life is time - that makes every birthday a 24 Karat blessing! No birthday of mine is complete without a look and I wanted to out-do myself this year....so I did. 

giphy (4).gif


God is taking me on a journey of stepping out of my comfort zone, and it reflected in my outfit choice. If you're familiar with my style, I love my dark colors. Black, white, brown, or denim are always found in my looks. This year, I played around with color, print, and texture! I don't even know who I am anymore! 

Coat: House of CB 

Top: HM (It was a dress that I turned to a top!)

Shoes: Mistress Rocks

Hair Install: Nikita Gibson @nikita___g

Beat: ME

Head to my Style Inspo section to get COMPLETE  details on this look!

Thank you to everyone who called, texted, sent videos, and prayed for me on my birthday. I felt the love!