Nawlin's Strolling


I arrived in New Orleans one weekend after their famed Mardi Gras celebrations. The locals wouldnt let us forget all that I missed out on. I preferred to have missed out though. After visiting NOLA during Essence Fest last year, I wanted to experience the city without the hype. I had also been bamboozled by all the touristy restaurants and I wanted to taste REAL Nawlins food. Because things were so chill, I wanted my look to reflect that. You guys should be proud of me, I've been colorblocking! This striped yellow poplin top from Zara went great with my baby blue culotte pants from Muffets Closet in Brooklyn, New York. The entire look was super light weight so I wasn't too hot under the Louisiana sun. I'm in love with these sunnies from UO so I promise you'll see much more of them with the warmer seasons approaching. 

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