Desperate Times, Desperate Measures


One of my biggest pet peeves is underpacking. I hate knowing that there's something back home that I could've worn but I'm also tired of always being the one lugging around a heavy suitcase. For this trip, I packed one outfit for each day and night. I usually pack miscellaneous peices to play around with just in case things dont work out when I land. It wasnt until I unpacked my suitcase that I saw that I was missing an item. I left a top back in New York. I was headed to a fashion show and I had to slay because...duh and there was nothing in my suitcase to help me. I was upset with myself for underpacking and even more overwhelmed because I was starting a look from scratch! There was no finessing this one, I had to go to the mall.


The malls in Florida are so huge. I missed my beloved New York City streets where all my faves were right next door from one another. I spent almost an hour just looking for Zara! I was growing impatient and planned on settling with any store I could find. I saw F21, took a deep breath and tried my luck. I haven't shopped at Forever 21 in years. I'm not a fan of their quality of clothing but I was desperate. I was pleasantly suprised when I laid my eyes on this separates set. The blazer is plaid and the skirt is houndstooth but you would have to be staring into my clothes to really tell. The quality was not amazing, but it looked expensive. So I was sold. 

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