Citizen of Wakanda


Marvel's Black Panther dropped this Presidents Day weekend and the world has taken it by storm. Theatres around the globe have been packed with Wakandan decked out in all black, African prints, head dresses, dashikis, and Black Panther costumes. I traveled to New Orleans this weekend and I couldnt wait another moment to watch the film. I saw it on the same night I landed. If you must ask, I give the film 5 stars! 

I'm no Marvel junkie. I went to see the film for its cultural significance so of course I had to dress the part! I wore a lace up halter top from CeeCee's Closet with a beautiful pair of gold velvet pants from Zara. This look was such a challenge for me because theres a method to mixing that I just havent mastered yet. I really wanted to channel the essence of African fashion and mixing prints is at the top of the list. I think I'm getting close though. The secret is to make sure the colors in the prints match (I think)! The gold pants from Zara glistened in the streetlights, I always feel like a showstopper in them. I was totally ready for Wakanda in this look. What did you guys wear to Wakanda? 

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