Where's Eve?


I get my outfit inspiration from unlikely places. It's probably because I pay attention to everything. I get inspo from people on the train, something I might have seen in an ad and many times I get inspo from TV shows and books. Fictional characters have the best wardrobe! Todays look was definitely inspired by "Where's Waldo?".

This red and white striped top from Zara is a dead giveaway to the Waldo character. You all know how much I love black, so I wanted to get this top to add some color to my wardrobe this year. Because I'm so uncomfortable with colors and prints, I tend to go to the most practical item to pair it with. So if Waldo's character wore a striped tee and demim, so did I. What makes this look stand out is my denim choice! These high-waist wide leg jeans are lovely! I live for any high rise bottom and I die for flared/wide leg pants. It was a match made in heaven! This is how you effectively use outfit inspiration in your favor. Copy, but dont clone. 

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