Keep on the NEON!

Suit: Thrifted  Shoes: EGO  Bag: Aldo  

Suit: Thrifted

Shoes: EGO

Bag: Aldo  

The neon trend has truly taken our closets by storm - specifically neon yellow. Who would’ve thought we would enjoy looking like traffic caution signs? What I thought would’ve lasted a few months has been going on for what looks like two seasons and counting. Personally speaking, I don’t see myself putting any neon colored clothing to good use, but I could see myself in a pair of shoes!


What the neon trend has taught me is the strength of an accent color. What makes neon work is knowing how to use colorblocking in your favor. Neon looks really good against neutral colors. Try pairing a black and white look with a pop of neon yellow. It’s a fun twist on a classic color combination. Feeling adventurous? Throw on some pink to go with your neon yellow. If you’re trying to figure out how to pull off neon colors but don’t know where to start, start small with an accessory: a purse or a belt can go a long way!

As a cheat code, I like to find clothes with neon colors and take note on the design. This shirt from Zara is about 3 seasons old with pink, red, navy, and yellow stripes. This shirt lets me know I can pair neon yellow with navy, green, and pink, because it works so well here.  Stores can afford to waste money investing in a trend, that doesn’t mean we have to! Pay attention to the ways your favorite retailers play with neon, so you won’t have to do all the work when putting together your own looks.

Good luck!