How Did We Let Twenty 88 Fly Over Our Heads?

It’s 2016 and things move fast. Really Fast. There’s so much music out there we couldn’t possibly keep up. Unless we have no lives. That’s where I come in. I decided let’s take a look of the albums, singles and artists that may be getting lost in the buzz out here.

Twenty88 - Big Sean & Jhene Aiko

So joint albums can rock or they can suck. This does not suck. It’s rare that two artists have chemistry and find the time to make a whole project. It’s even rarer that it lives up to the expectations and can please both fan bases. Twenty88 didn’t have to deal with any of that because no one even knew it was coming. It seems that the world barely realizes it ever came at all. So I’m letting you know. It is a very solid album. You take one of the more versatile rappers of the generation and one of the leading ladies of this current incarnation of R&B and you get something I wouldn’t have expected, an actual group.

Sean and Aiko don’t come off like two separate energies. They are indeed a whole other brand when they are together. This is the same magic felt on their previous singles together, “Beware" and "I Know”. A whole journey chronicling their fictitious characters’ tumultuous relationship. With a whole visual project to go with the album featuring O’shea Jackson Jr that started out as a Tidal exclusive, this turned out to be a project in my heavy rotation. If that’s not cool enough, K Ci and JoJo make an appearance on Two Minute Warning. Yeah, you heard me right!

So give it a listen, if you don’t like it blame them. If you do like it, thank me.


Greg Barnz




Greg Barnz is an NYC artist, graphic designer and other.