Chance The Rapper Drops New Music On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Chance the Rapper appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this week and dropped music so new it didn't have a title until yesterday!  Chance's newest song, #FirstWorldProblems features the amazingly talented Daniel Caesar who gave us major acoustic vibes as he sang along with a choir.The hook starts off with: 

"First world problems that niggas make up/ Have a dream and then never wake up.

That's a helluva problem to have! I already know Chance's new project will probably have me on the train crying like Coloring Book did. If you're like Joe Budden who think's Chance is too positive and raps too calm, go that way. 


Chance the Rapper makes music for the church kids; the kids who aren't too young to dream about Heaven while still living in a very real world -  while still making dope music that everyone (regardless of faith) wants to listen to. He shows that it's been cool to love on God and I love that. All three verses of this song are narratives of his past, present and future. #FirstWorldProblems is the second brand spanking new song dropped on Colbert's late night show. I love their chemistry on camera, and by their conversation I can tell Stephen Colbert's got some love for the Kingdom!

Chance talked with Colbert about his non-profit organization partnership, race inclusivity, his becoming mayor of Chicago, his grandma and fervent prayer. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE CHANCE??! Check out his full interview below:

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