Do You See This Coat?!


I'd been saying all year that I wanted a great fur, I didn't know it would look like this! This cropped ginger faux fur coat from House of CB was a win! One breast pocket, ribbed cuffs and gold fasteners made this coat everything and more. I cant wait to see what looks I can create with this baby because when I saw it on the model, I knew it needed to be in my closet. Now I know how brother Kanye feels.


So many of you told me I was serving major Lil' Kim and Cookie Lyons vibes. I can't agree more! I wish I had those ladies in mind while I was looking to complete this look. That would've definitely saved me some brainstorming time! I am happy that I channeled my inner Cookie Lyon because so many people already tell me I share the likeness of Taraji P. Henson. I'm starting to think maybe this look was really meant to be!