My Favorite Looks From Victoria Beckham for Target

Victoria Beckham revealed the lookbook from her newest collection with Target this week which features over 200 pieces for women, girls, toddlers and babies. This collection has great pieces that will help transition your wardrobe from Winter to Spring effortlessly. As a self-diagnosed "Black Garment Addict", jumping into the orange/green/yellow section of stores when Spring arrives stresses me out. I'm happy that Victoria didn't opt for an entire collection of florescent colors. This collection lets me wear black comfortably in the Spring without looking like I have a funeral to attend. I do want to step out of my wardrobe comfort zone this year, so that means eventually I'll have to dive into prints and colors. If you're the type of gal who loves a pop of color, there are some great looks for you. She's even featured matching outfits for mommies and their princesses! Children's sizes are between NB-XL and women's sizes are between 0 - 3X. With a price range between $6 and $70, most items are under $40. 

This limited edition collection will hit stores April 9. Do you think you'll be taking a trip to Target?

Thanks for reading!