Dapper Dan Brings Gucci Luxury Boutique To Harlem


Dapper Dan spent much of the 80s creating looks for celebrities and street hustlers in Harlem. He was known on the street to turn designer prints such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci, into loud, and dramatic designs for his clients to wear. When models graced the runway of Gucci's 2018 Cruise show last year, the internet shook with outrage. The oversized puffer sleeve design looked similar, if not identical to Dapper Dan's design, which originally hit the streets in 1989 on Diane Dixon. She herself called Gucci out on the obvious copy of the original design. (Black women always saving the day!)

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Dapper Dan was the owner of "Dapper Dan's Boutique" for ten years before lawyers of designers he'd counterfiet stepped in and had it closed down. After the outrage surfaced in 2017, Gucci willingly declared the peice was created in homage of Dapper Dan's boiterous designs. It wouldn't be long before Gucci gave Dapper Dan a seat at the table for them to join forces. On twitter, Dapper Dan formally announced the opening of the Gucci by Dapper Dan Boutique in the heart of Harlem. In this age of fashion and style, I can't wait to see what original designs Dan will come up with and with whom. This is only the beginning - or the continuation of a beautiful idea that started 36 years ago. 

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