Watch Cito Blanko's Powerful "My Pain My Gain" Poem

I met Cito Blanko last week at Tier NYC's Artrepreneur Fest when he performed an amazing spoken word piece titled "My Pain, My Gain". He had the audience hanging on his every word! The Bronx, New York native spoke without a microphone and poured out his soul that day. Here's the official footage and transcript that I hope inspires you the way it did for me.

I laugh at the days
I was scared to be me .

Acting like
the people I seen on tv
Everyday i spend not being true to my soul is the days that’s felt so Cold

and Low

and lost in this place
I thought was home

Every doors
I opened

I felt
more alone.

Looking in the mirror

wondering if I’m a clone.

Cuz this can’t be me
this cant be you.

What happen to passion we had on the 1st day of school.

What happen to

days when being cool rule
Now all we do is

get drinks and eat food.
Who the fuck are you ?

Sometimes I think about Who i use to be and memories are scary.

Calling women hoes

making fun of
cloths stashing O’s for my bro!
there’s so much more

trust me the lords knows.

I’m Crying cuz my emotion are exposed.

I hate tears cuz
they never tell the same story.
I cried cuz of fear
I cried cuz I wish
my grandmother was here
I cried cuz somedays
I feel like
I shouldn’t be here.
But I’m a ghost so
I’m only focus on my goals
but having so much power
can be a lonely road

I hate when friends
say that there here
Just because your Present
doesn’t mean you gifted
me your care.

How did my story of pain turn
into how the girl from ur job
bought the same color hair

or how tommy from power
was at ur job buying beers.

But I listen to your pointless story
of your day because I care

I guess they wasn’t liying
life isn’t fair

I guess I’m not strong enough
to tell you how weak I am

Like I don’t have suicidal thoughts
I just wonder what certain people
would say at my grave

One of deepest secrets is that sometimes I feel like a lame when
I’m screaming Jesus’ name.

I am Sinner
but that’s old news.

I tried walking in my old shoes
but they don’t fit and these
new kicks hurt a little bit

I hate that The fact I need people to feel love like I really miss the drugs.

Nah I’m deadass
I really miss the drugs.

When I was high even
fake love still felt like HUG

This is a hard world
to deal with when ur sober.

But play time is over

I’ve decided to live in my reality
Because this is my destiny
I don’t want to run from
the pain no more.
I tired to smoke but
High ain’t the same no more

Drugs numb me from the pain
But I realize the lesson

I needed to gain
was in my pain

So now accept life for what it is
not just sum of it
I accept the whole Thing.

The only way to be the
people’s champion is to take
THE ROCK off Your chest.

And let them you know life is hard and sometimes you still loss even
when u try your best.

But being better today then you were yesterday is worth more than a check.

We all learn how to crawl b4
we learned how to take a step

So take one day at a time it’s never too late!

Don’t stare at the destination
cuz the ETA might scare you away

Just stay true to the essence of soul and just remember that 30 isn’t old.

Just write down ur goals

you can keep them private
the world doesn’t have to know.

Just let it go
don’t be frozen in this life.
I heard that song when I was watching my niece and it made me think twice. Like maybe the kids have the recipe to life

be bold
Be spontaneous
Be adventurous
Be true

Life changed when
I looked up the definition
of enough

I seen a picture

— Cito Blanko