HNOW in Haiti: The Beach!

It was Saturday and we were making our way to the beach! Everyone who knew I'd be going to Haiti insisted that I go to the beach. There used to be a time where you could visit different beach hotels for a day, and eat drink and be merry, but times have changed. We were planning to go to Indigo Beach, located in Montruis, Haiti but when we called they said they no longer offer those services. We went to Montruis anyway. Our driver knew many other beaches in the area. It's not like it was a different shore, so why not?! When we got to the beach, we had to pay a fee. The man guarding the entrance took a look in our car, saw us packed in the back seat made a price on a whim. NOTHING is free in Haiti. I'm happy the conversion in Haiti is very forgiving so paying a fee didnt hurt our pockets.

It was Christmas Eve, so while I would've expected crowds of people, it was very quiet. That didn't bother me much, I didnt want to have to ask people to move out of my pictures. (Just being honest!) I love Caribbean beaches for the views. The water is also a favorite of mine. To see where the sea and sky meet always make me feel so small. With all the mountains surrounding you, Haiti can make you feel very small.  At this beach you could see the mountains of Labadee, an island of Haiti, in the far distance. When we got settled, the souvenir vendors came flocking - per usual. 

I love the beach because there's not much to do there. You either bathe, soak in the sun, or do an activity like riding a jet ski or motor boat. After a few moments of soaking everything in, we got on a motor boat that agreed to take us up the shores. 

What we saw were of course...mountains. We saw a few houses owned by the "bourgeoisie" and a few other shores belonging to neighboring resorts. I had a raw coconut and fried goat with a side of plantains and rice and one (or three) ice cold Prestige beers to drink. 

Much needed rest and relaxation.